About us

certifikat 2017Metal Trading International s.r.l., which was set up in 1986, operates mainly in the sectors for iron foundries, steelworks and non-ferrous metals. The company started out by introducing the products of  TDR – a Slovenian manufacturer of inoculants and nodularisers – into the Italian market. Together with TDR which it represents and in which it has become a major shareholder in the last few years, Metal Trading International carries out intense research and development activity for products in the foundry and steelworks sector. It offers technical assistance within this sector with the aim of improving metallurgic quality whilst optimizing the consumption of products marketed by MTI. Over the years we have taken on several companies to represent (see companies represented).  Some of the ferroalloys and non ferrous metals imported from different countries are stored in the main European ports. In order to guarantee better service for our customers and prompt delivery of our products, those that are mainly marketed by MTI are stored in our warehouse in Gorizia. With the aim of maintaining and improving quality of service over time, the company obtained its first ISO 9001 certification in 2002 and since then, has never missed a periodic inspection and has always maintained its certification.